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At the  northern end of Ullswater, surrounded by some of the biggest mountains in the Lake District, is the picturesque village of Patterdale, from mountains to valleys, even a dip in the water, this is a great starting point for everyone.

👩‍🦽Valley walk wheelchair friendly  on good paths with some ascent and a gate, the higher into the valley it becomes very rocky so you can turn back beforehand.

🅿️community car parks on Jenkins Field around £5 for the day and is the start of the path into the valley. Or there is a car park facing the Patterdale hotel which is pay and display  Patterdale CA11 0NW for approx postcode.


☕🏕️There is a couple of public houses that do food and accomodation as well as a camp site

🥾 We did 5.8 miles and 300m ascent with the terrain wheelchair, some of the section is very rocky and support needed.

We started at the car park facing the hotel as we didnt know abou the closer car park which is the start of the walk.

You turn right out of the car park and cross over to the path. Follow the path  and turn left just after King George playing field and follow the road. It is steep so the hubby had to stop and take some deep breaths along this section.

The road follows  Grisedale Beck which is on your right, you can hear the small waterfalls as you follow the road, it rises throughout and continues for approx 0.5 miles until it levels out.

The views as you enter the valley are amazing wih Birks Wainwright on your left and just behind St Sunday Crag,  straight ahead  is Nethermost pike and Helvellyn range. The path has some stones so normal wheelchairs may struggle, tramper and terrain wheelchairs would be more suitable.

A ruined barn along the way, Ariya went in to explore as she loves abandoned buildings, the path is a little rough but you can get closr to the barn.

Its hard to try and find walks that are full of beauty and wheelchair friendly with things along the way for the kids. Thankfully this has everything, beauty of the valley and rocks to climb on with little streams to paddle in if you choose and  Ariya thoroughly enjoyed the walk as she could climb on the rocks.

The route is quite popular with those walking the wainwrights as this path leads up to Grisedale tarn which is ideal for Helvellyen or St sunday crag circuit. From Elmhow plantation the path is uneven  and harder to push, it may be best to turn around at this point unless you are a little mobile and can take a few steps.

The head of the valley is just so beautiful, there is a waterfall on the right across a bridge so Dad took Ariya to have a look and i sat just ennjoying the views, the path continues but gets rockier so we decided to turn around here,

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