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But in 1957 the castle was demolished. Just the façade and outer walls remained standing and for over half a century, the place was empty – home only to chickens, pigs and the odd batLowther Castle is a particular gem. Built at the turn of the 19th century on the site of two previous houses, the castle was a grand affair boasting a room for every day of the year. Its gardens were the envy of the north. 

👩‍🦽The gardens, the castle ruins, the lost castle, the café, the exhibition, shop and toilets all accessible by wheelchair.

🅿️ Lowther castle, Penrith, CA10 2HH

 🚻 Accessible  toilets

☕Food, drinks and ice cream available

🛝 Large play area for the kids, one of the best we have vistsed

Please note that for each disabled guest, one carer can go free.

The main paths throughout the estate are great for wheelchairs, we followed the path from the Castle ruins towards the forest passing lots of flowered gardens.

Through the ruins, through the gardens and woodland, you will find plenty more to go exploring.

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