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The Manifold Way is a footpath and cycle way in Staffordshire, England. Some 8 miles in length, it runs from Hulme End in the north to Waterhouses in the south. The Manifold Way was opened in July 1937 by Staffordshire County Council after the LMS handed over the trackbed to them. Tarmacked throughout, and with only a slight downhill gradient from north to south, the path is also ideal for wheelchair users, prams

♿ Wheelchair accessible paths throughout, some road section so care needed.

🅿️ Parking available at the start Manifold Valley Visitor Centre, Hulme End SK17 0EZ

🚻Accessible toilets at the start and part way

☕cafe at the start and part way at Wetton mill tea rooms

We walked to Thors cave and back approx 8 miles in total, beware of bikers.

The visitor centre at the start as information leaflets and maps of the route, you can also hire bikes. The path starts from the visitor centre along a well made path. It can get busy with bikes.

You eventually leave the path and come to a road, this leads through Swainsley Tunnel, care needed it is a quiet road but when we did the walk there was still a few cars pass us, thankfully slowly through the tunnel.

Wetton mill has a cafe and seating area as well as toilets, as you come to a bridge you turn left to the mill. Just above the cafe to the left there is a small cave, you can just see in the photo Reo and Niyah heading to have a look. Also a great place to stop by the river and enjoy a break.

The best part of our walk was seeing Thors cave in the distance, high on the rock face, there is a information board just off the path, unfortunetly the cave isnt wheelchair friendly, so I waited at the bottom while Dad took the kids up.

From this point we returned the same way.

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