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Jumbles Country Park was opened in 1971 by Queen Elizabeth II. Situated north of Bolton and easily accessible via public transport, and a car park on site with diasbled spaces, it is an ideal location to spend some time outdoors with the family.

👩‍🦽This walk is advertised as buggy and wheelchair friendly but there is a gate and steps that we couldnt find a way around and luckily a nice couple helped us up the steps. Its approx 2 mile circular so you could walk 3/4 around and return back the same way. the steps are by the Dam.

🅿️ Bradshaw Road, Bolton, BL2 4JS

🚻 Disabled toilets available 

☕Cafe but check for times as wasnt open when we visited during the week

🥾 4 miles we did but this was including trying to find ways around the stairs.

Difficulty Rating - 2 people required, uneven ground with some ascent and stairs by the Dam making it a little difficult if you cant walk short amounts due to the steps it would be a 4/5 for a wheelchair.

I always record our walks with OS Maps, as you can see we tried coming off the main route to find other paths. The issue we have with wheelchair walks is they are too short. We like to spend a full days hiking normally, so often our wlaks are hit and miss as we come across gates, large boulders or too many steps. 

But we are having fun trying out new routes even if it means turning around and retracing our steps.

The path that starts past the cafe is great, but after heavy rain i can imagine it would be quite muddy.  Ive included photos at the bottom of the different paths we came across.

Views around the reservoir are lovely, some good spots to stop and enjoy a picnic

One of the awkward gates to get onto the path, why do people never think about wheelchairs or prams when making places accessible.

Looking towards the Dam, to the left if this is the stairs, we lucky had helped from a couple to get me up the stairs, this is the only real challenge, if you are able to walk up a few steps with support then the rest of the walk is enjoyable. If not then two people would be required to get up the steps with care needed.

The other option is turning back at this point to make the walk approx 3-4 miles.

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