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Shedden trail explores the geology and industrial heritage near the source of the river Brun in the catchment of the river Calder. The power of water was harnessed by constructing a series of dams to hold water in ponds. The landscape records the effects of this work which took place over hundreds of years.



PARKING- Long causeway Worsthorne moor BB10 4RR

MILES- 8 miles approx.

FACILITIES- Non on route

TERRAIN-Good maintained paths, some rough terrain if you go off path to explore the kilns.

Fantastic walk exploring the history in the area.

The Moorland in which Shedden clough is located was covered by ice sheets thousands of years ago, which brought rounded cobbles of sandstone, this area was then used years later in a labour intensive process called hushings to extract limestone, in which the remains can be seen across the moorland, with paths exploring the area.

From the car park you go through the gate and follow the path, which is a great bridleway path that leads to both reservoirs..

We ventured off the main path to explore some of the remains as we headed down to Can’t clough reservoir  and across the dam following the path to Hurstwood reservoir.

The landscape was fascinating, with lime kilns to find, rocks to climb and reservoirs to walk around. It is a bridleway so the main path is shared with bicycles and horse riders.


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